Airport Security With Kids, Babies and Toddlers (An Update for Dec 2011)

You mean I didn't have to do this?

A lot of things have changed since I wrote this post on how to Breeze Through Airport Security With Kids. I've updated the original post, but I also want to highlight some of the things that may have changed since your last flight with kids.

Kids Under 12 Can ...

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TSA Pat Downs - How to Talk With Your Kids

Toddler reading the Airplane Safety Manual

This is a guest post by Sarina Behar Natkin, a Parent Educator and Consultant in the Seattle area. Sarina has very generously shared some of her best advice about how you can help your kids understand the process of going through TSA security at the airport, the new backscatter imaging ...

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Are TSA's New Full Body Scanners Safe For Kids?

Backscatter Advanced Imaging Technology

There has been a lot of news lately about the new Backscatter body imaging device (also called Advanced Imaging Technology) that TSA is deploying in airports just in time for Thanksgiving. The machine uses X-ray technology to capture an image of your naked body. Essentially, it lets agents see through ...

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Flying With Kids Under the New TSA Security Regulations

E flying comfortably with his CARES harness

There is lots of speculation and uncertainty about the specifics of the new TSA rules for international flights landing in the United States. There is one thing that seems to be consistent between first-hand passenger reports and TSA document leaks: for the last 60 minutes of flight passengers must remain ...

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