Travel toys

Photo Friday: Journaling

Darya draws the scenery in her journal on one of our bus trips

One thing I am very glad to have done on this trip was to let the kids design their own journals. I'll write more about that soon, but the great thing was that since they "owned" the journals they were much more enthusiastic than usual about writing in them ...

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Gifts That Help Kids Learn About the World

Travel Mancala is a fun gift for kids

I always hope that the kids will learn a little about the world around us when we travel, but it is also important to me that they learn about other cultures and ways of life when we're at home. Here are a few gifts that we either own or ...

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14 Travel Friendly Gifts for Kids

Lighted Brass Microscope

Are you traveling during the holidays this year? Or your traveling just after the holiday, and you know your child will want to take new gifts along with you? Wondering how you'll get your child's gifts to your destination and back again when your bags are already stuffed ...

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Photo Friday: Travel Toys

Eilan and Dixie Cups - a match made in heaven

We're pretty scrappy when it comes to travel toys, but sometimes I'm surprised at what we discover. On our Thanksgiving vacation, dixie cups were the thing of the moment with the kids building towers, castles and pyramids and then laughing hysterically as they knocked them all down.

Related ...

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10 Easy to Carry Toys for Outdoor Play

Kicking a Gertie Ball in Istanbul

Wherever we go, it's nice to have a few toys in my daypack that the kids can use to run around outdoors. That way we can have fun even when we cannot find a playground. I always go for things that are lightweight, cheap to replace, and work well ...

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Favorite Travel Book: Peek-A Who?

I write about my favorite travel-related kids books every other week. Most books are from my personal collection, or checked out from the library, but whenever I do accept a book for review from a publisher, I will always let you know. If you buy the book using the Amazon ...

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Found Travel Toys: Pringles Can

Travel Sized Pringles Can

Baby Eilan is in what I consider the hardest age for traveling with children - the 6 months between age one and 18 months. He is mobile enough to want to get into everything, has little or no judgment about what is safe, and needs a new toy approximately every three ...

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What is Your Favorite Airplane Toy?

I have whole lists of travel toys and tons of ideas about how to keep kids busy even without toys, yet as the kids grow older, I'm always on the lookout for new "plane toys."

Lately, we've been playing a lot with small Playmobil sets, Little Dover Activity ...

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What's in My Airplane Busy Bag?

Contents of Airplane Busy Bag

I took this photo of our airplane busy bag before flying down to Orange County a few weeks ago. I build a fresh busy bag before each trip based on what the kids are interested in at the moment.

Between kids, and luggage, and snacks, there is always a lot ...

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Travel Toys: Haba Mini-Tin Mini Memo and Crazy Cats

I was at my favorite toy store this week picking up holiday gifts, and took a few minutes to look for travel toys too (I like to keep a few things in reserve so that I don't have to rush out as I'm packing and getting ready for ...

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Ten Great Travel Toys You Already Own

We're all for buying the kids a few new toys to get through a long plane ride or car trip, but frankly we don't want to break the shopping budget before we even leave town. Even more importantly, it can take more time to gather up the right ...

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Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

This time of year, every parent gets anxious about their travel plans and keeping their young kids occupied on long plane flights. Besides packing a few great travel toys you'll want to have some airplane activities that won't break or get lost. Here are our top ten airplane ...

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