Rome, Italy with Kids

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I'm Debbie, mother of three delicious kids, and I write about traveling with little kids. That's my 6-month old son in Paris on Halloween.
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Everest pushing his stroller in the Campo De' Fiori in Rome
E taking a tentative bite of a mozzarella and tomato sandwich (he loved it)
Corsini Gallery in Rome
Reading "Colori" an Italian board book about colors
Typical Roman desserts served as part of a "Home Food" meal

While Rome is not known as a child-friendly destination, we've had lots of memorable experiences there with our kids. While there aren't many activities or restaurants targeted towards children, Italians generally welcome kids (especially toddlers and babies) to restaurants and activities. Rome's many piazzas (public squares) are a perfect place to experience the culture and interact with locals. Before you go, check out our Favorite Children's Books, Maps, and Resources for a Trip to Rome with Kids.

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Emergency Numbers
General Emergency 113
Medical Emergency 118

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