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Reader Question: What Stroller Do You Recommend for Europe?

Mom, Baby and Stroller at the Eiffel Tower

This is a reader question from Audrey who will be traveling to Paris with her four and a half year old in Paris.

Hey, do you have a particular stroller that you would suggest for a four and half year old? We are going to Paris in Feb and I ...

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Reader Question: Ergo Baby Carriers and Hot Weather

This is a reader question from Krista who will be traveling to Italy with her young during the heat of summer.

First off, I want to THANK YOU! for your website. I am going to Italy this July for a medical conference (my son has a genetic disorder) and was ...

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Reader Question: Do I need a stroller bag when I fly?

I recently received this question from a reader. It's a good one, and I thought it would be useful to share the answer

I am flying back East and will be gate checking my stroller. I am traveling with two kids and have one layover. I need my stroller ...

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10 Time Tested Products To Make Your Holiday Travels Easier

My regular readers know that I am a minimalist when it comes to travel gear. I would rather travel light than have all the latest "must haves," and some products work great at one age, but are not helpful at another.

However we do have a few products that have ...

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Picture of the Week: What Stroller Do I Take To Europe?

I get lots of reader questions about the best travel gear for young kids. My kids are still young enough (1 and 2 1/2 in this picture) that it is important to let them both rest when we're exploring a new town.

I find a double stroller difficult ...

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Reader Questions: Stroller vs Backpack for European Travel With Kids

I recently got this great question from Christy who is wondering whether she should bother bringing a stroller with her to Europe or should instead opt for a frame backpack carrier.

We are going to be in Italy (Venice and Siena) for the majority of our trip but will also ...

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Airplanes & Car Seats Part IV: Travel Car Seats

This is the fourth, and final article in our series on air travel with a car seat. In the third article in this series, we reviewed different ways to carry your own car seat through the airport. If you prefer to leave your own car seat safely installed in your ...

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Airplanes & Car Seats Part III: Car Seat Carriers

Once you have committed to carrying your car seat through the airport, there are several different ways to do it. This article provides a roundup of the different options, each with it's plusses and minuses.

Our next post in this series will discuss travel car seats, and over the ...

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Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

This time of year, every parent gets anxious about their travel plans and keeping their young kids occupied on long plane flights. Besides packing a few great travel toys you'll want to have some airplane activities that won't break or get lost. Here are our top ten airplane ...

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