Photo Friday: Lurking

Crab hiding in a rock formation at Aulani's Menehune Bridge

For Eilan, one of the fun things at Aulani Resort in Hawaii was discovering hidden formations in non-obvious locations. I just loved this secret hermit crab peeking out from under one of the manmade lava rocks at Menehune Bridge

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Packing for Aulani Resort (or any Hawaii Vacation With Kids)

Eilan runs through the shallow water under the Menehune Bridge at Aulani Resort

Visiting a new place is tricky - pack too much, and you're ready to swear off all vacations before you even reach the hotel, pack too little and you'll spend a big part of your vacation budget buying what you should have brought from home. So, what should you ...

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Photo Friday: Oblivious

Eilan plays in the sand, oblivious to the crowds massed around him

It's amazing how kids can sometimes be tuned into the smallest detail, and other times be oblivious to everything around them. When I attended the Grand Opening Celebration for Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii a few weeks ago, Eilan was perfectly happy to play in the sand as ...

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Answering Your Questions about Aulani Resort

View from my room at the Aulani Resort

I got more questions from readers and friends from this trip Disney's new Aulani Resort on Oahu than I have for any other trip. This is a new type of Disney experience, so it makes sense that we'd all be curious exactly how things work. Here are the ...

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Aulani Resort with a Toddler: What to Do

Eilan gives Minnie his HUGEST hug in Auntie's Beach House at Aulani Resort

After 5 days at Aulani Resort, Disney's new Hotel on Oahu, with Eilan (now just over 2 years old), here are my best tips for enjoying Aulani with a toddler.

My son loved exploring the resort grounds, splashing in the pools and running his fingers through the sand ...

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The Littlest Mouse (Part 2: Aulani Resort)

Eilan wearing his Mikey Mouse costume at Aulani Resort in Ko Olina

If packing a bulky costume in my carry-on bag was silly, bringing a costume that was clearly designed for trick or treating in a cold climate in October to warm and sunny Hawaii was even sillier. I pretty quickly realized that even an early morning jaunt with the costume would ...

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Disney's Aulani Resort in Oahu: Early Pictures (Part 2)

Eilan loved these little sandals, made of inlaid wood, at the entrance to Aulani's store

Earlier this week I posted some Early pictures from Aulani's Grand Opening. Now that we've had a little more time to explore, I wanted to post some more!

Eilan woke up bright and early every morning with cries of "Go Out, Go See." I've never seen him ...

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Photo Friday: Imagine Meeting You Here

Micky and Minne at Aulani's 'AMA'AMA restaurant

There's something endearing about Micky and Minnie in Hawaiian garb, isn't there?

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Disney's Aulani Resort in Oahu - Early Pictures

Just me and mom in our airplane seats!

You may or may not have heard that Disney's newest resort, a Hawaiian Hotel on Oahu is opening this week. We were lucky to be invited, and while it was too close to the beginning of the school year for me to feel comfortable bringing Everest and Darya along ...

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