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Airport Security With Kids, Babies and Toddlers (An Update for Dec 2011)

You mean I didn't have to do this?

A lot of things have changed since I wrote this post on how to Breeze Through Airport Security With Kids. I've updated the original post, but I also want to highlight some of the things that may have changed since your last flight with kids.

Kids Under 12 Can ...

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TSA Pat Downs - How to Talk With Your Kids

Toddler reading the Airplane Safety Manual

This is a guest post by Sarina Behar Natkin, a Parent Educator and Consultant in the Seattle area. Sarina has very generously shared some of her best advice about how you can help your kids understand the process of going through TSA security at the airport, the new backscatter imaging ...

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Changing a Diaper on an Airplane

Eilan getting his diaper changed in the airplane bathroom

New parents who haven't yet flown with their baby for the first time often write in to ask how (and where) to change a baby's diaper on an airplane. My most recent flight was a good reminder of how cumbersome this can actually be! After changing countless in-flight ...

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Flying With Kids Under the New TSA Security Regulations

E flying comfortably with his CARES harness

There is lots of speculation and uncertainty about the specifics of the new TSA rules for international flights landing in the United States. There is one thing that seems to be consistent between first-hand passenger reports and TSA document leaks: for the last 60 minutes of flight passengers must remain ...

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What is Your Favorite Airplane Toy?

I have whole lists of travel toys and tons of ideas about how to keep kids busy even without toys, yet as the kids grow older, I'm always on the lookout for new "plane toys."

Lately, we've been playing a lot with small Playmobil sets, Little Dover Activity ...

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Packing an Airplane Busy Bag

E is entranced by his train coloring book

Packing a travel busy bag is tricky business. Pack too little and you'll be trying to turn napkins into toys. Pack too much, and your backpack will be so heavy that you are sorry you ever left home. Last week I posted a picture of our most recent travel ...

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What's in My Airplane Busy Bag?

Contents of Airplane Busy Bag

I took this photo of our airplane busy bag before flying down to Orange County a few weeks ago. I build a fresh busy bag before each trip based on what the kids are interested in at the moment.

Between kids, and luggage, and snacks, there is always a lot ...

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Reader Tip: Create an Airplane Tent

E flying to Paris at 6 months old

Here is a great reader tip from Regan that I wanted to share!

Wanted to share what worked so well for me on a recent trip that I took with my 13 month old daughter from Hawaii direct to Atlanta, GA. I was extremely nervous because I was traveling with ...

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Packing Checklist for Flying With Bottles and Breastmilk or Formula

I have written extensively in the past about breastfeeding or breastmilk pumping when you travel, but I've never written about what to pack if you intend to feed your baby expressed breastmilk or formula on your trip.

Traveling With Expressed Breastmilk
As of this writing, mothers are able to ...

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Can You Keep an Infant Safe in Extreme Turbulence?

Continental Airlines 767

By now, you've probably heard about a recent Continental Airlines flight in which extreme turbulence injured 26 people and caused the flight to make an emergency landing.

It's easy to ignore the dangers of turbulence. We have all experienced mild turbulence at some point, and injuries are rare ...

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9 Tips for Traveling Alone with an Infant or Toddler

God Bless America Statue by J. Steward Johnson in Chicago's Pioneer Court

My trip to Chicago for BlogHer and TBEX was not only Eilan's first flight, but also the first time the two of us have flown alone together. Luckily Eilan slept through the flights themselves. Still - getting into and out of town was tricky. I thought I'd share some ...

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Reader Questions: Keeping an Active Child Calm on a Plane

Toddler reading the Airplane Safety Manual

This is a reader question from Kristen, a mom from Michigan who wants to know how to keep her active son from kicking the seat in front of him.

Hi Debbie, my son is about 2.5 yrs old now - we travel twice a year to see grandparents in Florida ...

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Photo Friday: Every Parent's Dream Come True

When we finally left LA on Sunday, both kids were so exhausted that they put their heads down during takeoff and didn't wake up again until the plane landed in Seattle!

My husband and I have never been more delighted to have someone consider us boring travel companions.

Related ...

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10 Tips for Surviving Flight Delays With Kids

This Thanksgiving, air traffic promises to be a bit lighter than it has in recent years. Still countless parents will be delayed in airports around the country. Here are my top tips for making those delays less torturous.

Delayed In the Airport
This is the best time to meet any ...

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Reader Question: Do I need a stroller bag when I fly?

I recently received this question from a reader. It's a good one, and I thought it would be useful to share the answer

I am flying back East and will be gate checking my stroller. I am traveling with two kids and have one layover. I need my stroller ...

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Flying With Preschoolers Tip 587: Bring Diapers For Potty Trained Kids

Here are two family travel horror stories worth sharing.

In the first, my friend and her daughter were stuck on the tarmac for an hour waiting for permission to take off. It stands to reason that in the middle, her newly potty trained daughter realized she needed to "go." The ...

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What are Your Favorite Airplane Snacks?

It's no secret that airline food isn't particularly kid friendly, and lately most flights don't include any food at all, leaving parents to bring along their own snacks and meals for their hungry kids. Recently The Perrin Post asked parents for their favorite travel snacks and there ...

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Preparing Your Toddler or Young Child To Fly

This is a guest article from Scotty Kober of GoodLittleTraveler, creator of the Shae By Air DVD Toolkit™. Scotty sent me a copy of the DVD Toolkit to review, and I have to say that I was impressed. We aren't in the habit of watching a lot of DVDs ...

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Reader Questions: FAA and Airline Policies on CARES Harness

I recently received this question from Shannon who will be using her new: CARES Harness onboard a flight to Mexico next month.

Hi Debbie,

We just purchased the CARES system for at trip we're taking to Mexico next month with our two-year-old. Last year, we took him to Hawaii ...

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Breeze Through Airport Security With Kids

This article was updated in November 2011 to reflect changes in TSA Airport Security Checkpoint Policy

With four people, eight shoes, two laptops, a stroller, a sling, a slew of small electronics, and a bag of cosmetics we have to be super organized to get through airport security quickly and ...

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