Are TSA's New Full Body Scanners Safe For Kids?

Backscatter Advanced Imaging Technology

There has been a lot of news lately about the new Backscatter body imaging device (also called Advanced Imaging Technology) that TSA is deploying in airports just in time for Thanksgiving. The machine uses X-ray technology to capture an image of your naked body. Essentially, it lets agents see through ...

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My Meeting With Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Questions on Child Safety in Cars

Debbie Dubrow and Alan Mulally

During Labor Day weekend I was invited to a local media brunch with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motors as a part of the effort to launch the new Ford Taurus. If you want to see me looking serious and taking notes, click here

I sat alongside journalists who have ...

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Can You Keep an Infant Safe in Extreme Turbulence?

Continental Airlines 767

By now, you've probably heard about a recent Continental Airlines flight in which extreme turbulence injured 26 people and caused the flight to make an emergency landing.

It's easy to ignore the dangers of turbulence. We have all experienced mild turbulence at some point, and injuries are rare ...

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Reader Question: Renting a Car Seat

Unsafe Rental Car Seats

This is a reader question from Susan who will be renting a car and wants to know about the safety of renting a car seat. As Susan knows, I've written much about this subject, including two investigations of unsafe car seats at rental car agencies. I've also heard ...

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Reader Questions: Co-sleeping on Vacation

E sleeping in his stroller

This is a reader question from Kerry, new reader who wants to know how to co-sleep safely while traveling

Hi, I have recently started reading your blog - so much great information! I saw on the Travel Crib Light giveaway that you generally co-sleep on your trips. Do you do anything ...

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Danger For Rent: Car Rental Agency Puts Infant at Risk

Safety is important to Barbara, so when she flew to Los Angeles with her 6 month old, she reserved a car at an agency that had made strong promises about their infant car seats. Exhausted after a long flight, she struggled for two hours to find a seat that could ...

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Safety Tips for Renting A Carseat

Never rent a car seat, say carseat experts. But there are times when you cannot bring your own child safety seat. When that happens, you'll want to take special care to make sure your seat is as safe as possible. I've searched the web, talked with car seat ...

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Warning: Unsafe Rental Car Seats

This week, our local ABC station re-ran their coverage of our story about unsafe car seats at Advantage Rent A Car. For those who missed the story, we found car seats that were filthy, broken, and in one case at least 12 years old.

Please avoid renting a car seat ...

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Healthy Travel: Airplane Drinking Water Warning

According to the Washington Post, The federal government is asking airlines to upgrade the quality of drinking water on planes after EPA tests found 15 percent of the aircraft they tested carried water that tested positive for coliform bacteria. Coliforms can signal the presence of dangerous bacteria like E. Coli ...

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Reader Questions: Car Safety in Taxis

I recently received this question from Janice who is worried about keeping her 22 month old safe when riding in Taxis and other land transportation on a cruise.


My extended family will be heading to Rome for a few days before boarding a cruise ship for 12 days. Very ...

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Reader Questions: FAA and Airline Policies on CARES Harness

I recently received this question from Shannon who will be using her new: CARES Harness onboard a flight to Mexico next month.

Hi Debbie,

We just purchased the CARES system for at trip we're taking to Mexico next month with our two-year-old. Last year, we took him to Hawaii ...

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Update on Advantage Rental Car's Unsafe Car Seats

I have more information on the Fisher Price car seat shown our article on Advantage Rent-a-Car's Frightening Car Seats.

After receiving reader tip saying that her 15 year old son had used a similar car seat, I did some more research on that model. The Fisher Price 9100 & 9101 ...

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Step By Step: Babyproofing a Hotel Room

One of our challenges on each trip is keeping the kids safe while we're staying in hotels or a vacation rental. Most guidebooks recommend bringing bulky baby proofing items from home… meaning that you either need a second set for travel, or you need to undo your home babyproofing ...

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